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For a major part of the year, Henry Christmas Wholesaler is an unassuming shop that sells bicycles. However, from September each year, it transforms into a Christmas Wonderland to welcome the approaching festive season. Over the years, this Christmas Wonderland has attracted the attention of many customers and visitors with its cheerful atmosphere, music and ambience to welcome one of the most important seasons of the year.

Our shop’s name “Henry”, initially given by customers, was derived from the original “Heng Li”, “恒丽” which means everlasting beauty in Chinese. Its third-generation owner Derrick Tan says, “The history of our shop dates back to the late 1930s when my grandparents travelled to Singapore with their new-born son by sea. Being migrants, arriving from Swatow in Southern China, they started a stall selling pork in this same shop. Over the years, the business has changed with times and in the 1950s mauve itself into a neighbourhood provision store. In subsequent years, we were renowned for selling mooncakes and lanterns during mid-Autumn festival; fire crackers during Chinese New Year; and in the 1970s, we became one of the early entrants into the gift-hamper market. In the early 1980s we were among the pioneers importing and selling Thai durians in Singapore.”

“In the early 1990s, the family decided to enter the Christmas decoration business. Always dedicated to whatever we undertake, we spent significant amount of time and efforts to improve our products and services. We also put in the efforts to ensure that our customers can enjoy the spirit of Christmas when they are at our premises. I recalled the happiness and satisfaction that I felt when I sold my first Christmas tree,” he added.

Derrick hopes that every customer who set foot into the shop will be completely immersed in its festive atmosphere. Upon entry, customers are greeted with a dazzling array of shiny baubles, glittering lights, lively music and cool air. Coming instantly into their view are arrays of products ranging from Christmas crackers, timber cravings of popular Christmas stories and cheery snowman figurines alongside the trees and garlands. His customers are always in for a treat as there will definitely be something new every year to welcome the spirit of Christmas.

To Derrick, despite the stress from the long operating hours and increased activities, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. He is passionate about his business and every year he has to work hard for many months sourcing and purchasing his goods as well as developing ideas to decorate his shop. He strongly believes in providing beautiful decorations that are value for money. He is utterly delighted when his decorations bring joy and laughter to his customers. Every customer is special and Derick hopes that his decorations will create happy memories embracing their families and friends.

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